Sunday, January 23, 2011

Subsequent to 1/21 Post

Well, I was right about a lot of things with yesterdays appointment with ATT, with a couple exceptions.  Probably the most annoying was the un-appearance of the "guy" at 4.  Nope, not here, not at 4:05, 4:10 or 4:15.  In fact it was nearly 5 before he darkened my doorstep.  Disgruntled is a good word to use here.  Disgruntled and bad tempered.  Happily the "guy" was pretty funny and so quite handily disarmed my ill humor and we laughed and carried on and bad mouthed ATT and the stupid tests he has to perform that take a lot of time and generally come to the ultimate conclusion that the DVR is ...wait for it...DOA.  Might as well just continue to use ANAGRAMS at this point.  Anyway while he waited for the little computer stupid test thingy  to analyze, diagram, assess and diagnose the DVR box to come, roughly 30 minutes later, to the conclusion that it was broken, he had time to go out to the truck to get the dreaded new box.  At least he had one in his truck.   And just to let you know, we did lose all the stuff we had recorded, but due to semi good technology, Big Brother, I mean ATT knows what shows we record and will quite happily continue to record all our favorites.  We'll  enjoy everything from A-Listers New York to Two Fat Ladies and all in between for some time to come.  I feel like I did after that cleansing breath in Lamaze class.  My world is centered.
Note the beautiful surroundings.
So the son in law who keeps popping up in these posts has reared his ever loving head again and announced I would be living in a yurt in my dotage.  A yurt in the foothills, where it gets real cold in the winter, well cold for me anyway.  My blood, such as it is, is thin.  So he proposes a yurt.  You should google yurt and when you see the picture of the structure made of skinny twigs with a mud floor and a canvas shroud you will understand what Josh means to have me live in  while I wait out my golden years...What...a sweetheart.  He has indicated that as it is just the spouse, presumably, and I, we won't be needing any real bedrooms as our "bed" aka the floor will suffice with a little padding. As we also are meant to live "off the grid", evidently I will have to power my...yurt from a bicycle to generate electricity or some damn thing.  Then too is the opportunity to purify my own water from a stagnant swamp or collect it in musty barrels from rain water.  What I'm supposed to do in the case of a drought is any body's guess.  Perhaps I join the hoards of So Californians and buy water from some sort of water magnate.  How's this sounding to you so far?  All I can say is it is slightly better than the other son in laws solution which is his basement.  It's wet down there and they've boarded up all the windows so there is no light.  They do store their wine down there so it does have an upside.  The third son in law has wisely not offered to take me/us at all.

Woe is me.  I'm thinking here that living well is not exactly the best revenge.

We took the grandchildren who can talk but not talk back to the movies a week ago.  Now you probably gleaned from the Christmas issue (Christmas issue you say?  Guess you'd best be steppin' back in my blog posting world to read that gem) I have girl children. Steve has a girl child.  Every time a girl child had to go potty do you think it was the boy husband who took them?  Uh. No.  So imagine my absolute joy when little Jack, God love him, announced to the audience in the middle of "Tangled" that he had to go.  I smiled sweetly and reminded Steve that he too is a boy and therefore he could take the little tyke to the toilet.  Good things happen to those who wait.  Small victories and all that.

Tomorrow I visit the acupuncturist.  The acupuncturist at Kaiser no less.  Well this should be pretty good.  I have a pretty good story about Kaiser from when I shredded my ACL and surrounding bits last spring.  I think my recollection of that beauty should be saved for an entire posting of its own.  But this Kaiser acupuncture could be either really good or horribly bad.  Let me get this part straight.  I love acupuncture.  I think it is weird, it does not hurt and it works.  I actually had an old Chinese guy give me my first acupuncture treatments back in my other life.  He had this little room set up in his house on the freeway and had the requisite incense and all the groovy Asian things going on.  He also spoke absolutely no English except the part about Thirty-five dollar.  He was amazing.  I think.  At any rate he enhanced the treatment by hooking his needles to something akin to a car battery and my limbs proceeded to jump madly about until he came back in and adjusted the current.  I didn't think that was really so groovy.  I also don't remember what I was treating but with the myriad of real and imagined ailments I have had it could have been just about anything.  Or maybe one of those charges did some brain scrambling.  What an excellent excuse.  Tomorrow's visit is for chronic whiplash.  If you ride you have chronic whiplash and a screwed up back.  It just has to be that way.  So if you read this blog again in the future, I will regale you with the adventures I had with Kaiser in 2010 and now my new adventure which begins tomorrow for 2011.

Happy Trails,


  1. My husband is indeed very wise.

  2. Dat pig jump purty be ready for de hunter ring!