Friday, January 21, 2011

Yesterday the DVR box that rules my world took a death spiral, and refused life support. It sits there in the living room, attached to the TV which has the giant red X of death on the screen.  That is to say we had to go an entire evening without Recorded Television.  Gads.  I considered wallowing in blackest depression, sitting on the couch, sucking my thumb with the lights out and refusing to speak.  That, however, seemed boring.  But in reality what were the spouse and I going to do without the comfort of knowing we still had 58 episodes of Cash Cab and 74 episodes of Curb Appeal to watch and in all likelihood they would be gone, gone, gone?  All I can say is I'm grateful this is not a three day weekend for Steve, because the ennui and moaning would be far to much to bear if he can't watch his favorite episodes of Swamp Loggers and Dirty Jobs.  I mean really...

To be honest I have recorded TV shows (for my own use FBI, I'm not sharing or selling...) since the advent of the VCR.  When the kids were little and the then spouse made me take a menial job at the Great City of Davis to support my horse habit, I would tape the soaps.  Then after dinner the entire family would sit around and watch the travails of Beau and Hope and the entire Horton Clan.  I really hated it when something the networks considered an event newsworthier than yesterdays cliff hanger intercepted the daily devotional.  Life was simpler then.  But there you are.

So here I sit today.  Being held hostage by the vague appointment set sometime between 12-4 when the possibility that a technician will arrive from ATT and fix the DVR.  As Steve helpfully pointed out, "They're just going to swap it out you know.  They wouldn't trust any of their guys to actually try to fix it..."  Cruel?...yes.   Accurate?...also yes.  Heavy sigh.  So here's what's going to happen.  The guy will actually show up.  At 4.  Then he'll futz around, moan about the overtime, moan about working 6 days a week, for no money to speak of, though he will speak of it and tell me that whoever hooked up the DVR, DVD and TV didn't have any idea what he was doing and proceed to moan about that for awhile.  Then he will tell me the DVR can't be fixed and assure me that a new one will find its way to my doorstep in a week or so and have a good time trying to figure out how to hook it up, because the box we currently have is obsolete and they haven't used it since the bi-centennial, even though it was just installed in August so a different one will  come my way with different verbiage as to what wire goes where and like that.  And oh yeah, have a nice day.  This is not my first rodeo, I know how things work.

Just because I feel like whining I also have to tell you that before the DVR died, taking the TV with it, I watched the final episode of 24 yesterday.  I feel like I've been watching it for centuries, and to be honest to watch 8 years worth of a TV show took me better than six months and now I am bereft.  I will probably have to cancel my Netflix subscription.  I've already watched all the Dexter years, tried to watch Big Love and I'm pretty sure I've seen all the Criminal Minds and NCIS episodes available.  So now what?  The first one of you who tells me to try getting a life?  Well just know that I know I need a life, if I didn't need a life would I be writing this drivel?  Well probably, but that's not the point.  I don't know what the point is there.  wow such anger.

Happy wedding to Erin.  I wish I was in Hawaii watching you stroll down the aisle.  Or even just being in Hawaii right now would be nice, Mai Tai's and sunshine.  Yep.

Before I close, I have had 505 hits on the readership clicker thingy, thanks for that.  Also, after much badgering, two of ya'll posted comments.  Thanks for that too.  I know you won't be able to rest till I confirm the ATT appointment goes as I anticipate, but I will have to let you know later about that.  Take Tums and a nice Xanax.  It will help.


ps. the photo is from New Years Eve.  I don't know what happened to Josh's eyes.  They refused Red Eye Removal.  Look how forced everyone looks trying to pretend they don't mind having the old people crash an otherwise fun evening...

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