Sunday, January 26, 2014


I have been remiss.  I admit it.  And while most of you heaved a huge sigh of relief, there is that teeny tiny minority of you jonesing for a squidgy update.  You're welcome (please note correct spelling of you're in this usage...)

So baby Lauren was born and had learned to smile when last we spoke.  The darling baby Grace in New Mexico has flourished and came for a visit in October with her mother and brother.  I have a picture of the baby cousins for you to enjoy.  This was taken when the mothers told them I was coming over for a visit.  I made the quilt btw.

Then I forgot to visit or bought them something and this picture was snapped..
Whatever..  Grace on the left, Lauren on the right FYI

So that takes care of those two.

More exciting news.  We bought a house!  Now we are within striking distance of the middle daughter and her family and therefore we are useful to them with babysitting etc.  speaking of babysitting...I suck. Maybe you knew that.

So anyway we bought a house.  It has a pool.  It's kind of an odd looking structure from the front, but we have plans to camoflage the unfortunate curb appeal with and artful and tasteful screen of some sort.  And a garden gnome or two.  Or not.  The inside is really nice, open and light.  And since I broke a bunch of stuff during the move, it is maybe not quite as cluttered as most of our homes have had a tendency to be.  Makes dusting(?) easier.  Or at least I suspect it would be easier if someone were so inclined to do so.

We moved right before Christmas.  So I barely got most of the moving boxes unpacked and tossed in the side yard, heretofore known as utility yard, when I was obligated to unpack boxes of Christmas stuff, put the tree together
and hosted Christmas Eve for the middle and youngest daughters and their families.  We had take out Chinese for dinner, tore  through gifts for 12, watched Mary Poppins, a Christmas classic, and enjoyed each other's company for a couple hours.  Done.  In our family, this is known as quality time.  So be it.

The middle daughter and I are taking baby Lauren to visit her kin in New Mexico in February.  We plan to visit the Carlsbad caverns while we are there.  My only experience with caves is that part in Tom Sawyer with the murderous bad guy and Huck Finn.  I may be just a little bit apprehensive. But that book was fiction, right?  In any case it would be just too depressing to attend my funeral celebration, I mean service, and noting the  zero attendance.  I know you guys...heavy sigh.

will be house sitting for the privelaged next month and maybe something interesting will happen.  If so I'll tell you about it.  If not, I'll probably tell you about it anyway.