Monday, December 7, 2015

Hello, my name is Squidgy

Hello, my name is Squidgy and it has been twenty months since my last post. Not much has happened since then, so thanks for checking in.


I had to look back on the last two moldy posts to discover what had been shared with all y'all.  The middle daughter and I did indeed travel to new Mexico to bring love and joy to those little buckaroos.  We flew in to El Paso and traveled the three hours east (yes east) to Carlsbad, NM stopping once for a peepee pit stop and more importantly to drive thru, and I do mean drive thru, Bob's Liquor Barn.  Much like the name implies, it is a structure of some size through which you drive your car or conestoga, and you interact with..Bob, and he brings you booze and you pay him and you drive on.  Fantastic.  Our thoughtfulness also assured that our welcome at the old daughters casa was a lot more welcoming than it might otherwise have been.  I should remember to bring booze everywhere I go, perhaps I'd get invited more places, or not.

We did visit Carlsbad Caverns.  It was big.  Two year old Sam broke the tether on his leash and was briefly free to run pell mell and cause his mother to have a freak out, not that I blamed her one little bit.   However I did have a brief flash back to a family trip to Hearst Castle with the old daughter and the middle daughter when they were much younger and they too broke their collective virtual tethers and ran amok on all the cool roped off carpets and did the Goldilocks thing on the, also roped off, furniture.  So that happened and we got yelled at but it was totally worth it because now over thirty years later I get to tell you about it, and the kids will be pissed!  Sometimes you just have to be patient.

They're stalagmites

Then one day we drove to Roswell, NM and drove right past the UFO museum without even slowing down, and went to Sam's Club, because you couldn't do that here, oh wait...No wheedling, pleading, crying or whining changed any of the closed minds in that car about visiting the hottest spot in town.  Haters.  Happily, I can prove I took a picture of it.
Here it is
Anyway, we visited just long enough and, for Tim the Cowboy Spouse really just long enough for anyone.
We Have Palm Trees. Six of which are over 30' and they deposit pollen, berries and fronds with wild abandon on my piece of paradise and in my pool.   They are messy, disgusting, filthy, out of control vegetation that have become and continue to be the bane of my existence.  My dear, dear friend with whom I spent Junior High with on Guam (another story children) was so excited about my palm trees because they reminded her of the tropical paradise we inhabited so very long ago. She lives in Texas now and does not help me clean up the mess.  Let me tell you one thing, palm trees belong on a deserted, desert isle far, far away from me and my pool.  My neighbors wholeheartedly applaud my quest to find free tree removal because the trees do not discriminate where they litter, but barring that they also applaud the laughable idea that I have (at last quote) over $6500 to remove them.  So if any of you guys want a crack at tree removal experience and I know you do, please come on down.  I will give you drinks, once you're done, and assuming my house is still standing.
Buh by
Thank you for allowing me to get that off my chest.
And now the holidays are upon us.  In that spirit I went on a holiday house tour in Woodland last weekend.  My, my, my such goings on.  It is proven over and over again that I may be a little thick, but somehow I missed the salient "Holiday" part.  Woodland has a LOT of really cool old houses and many of them are owned by people who have lovingly restored them to breathtaking original detail.  I liked this one.  A lot.  It has an elevator.  And painted fancy ceilings. 
And some were not so successful, 
Oh Wait, that's my house.  HaHa it wasn't on the tour.
At any rate, dear reader, thanks for reading.  I have ever so much more to tell you, so check back soon!