Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What? Already?

Before I forget all the gory details, I must regale all ya'll with the events that took place at the Woodland vs Vacaville Little League All Stars game last night.  We were for Woodland.  And the grandson, Garrett, he of the 6th grade matriculation, was on the team.  Since I'd missed earlier all star games I was unprepared for the hostilities the "visitors" (Woodland) had for the "home" teams.  It seems there had been some incidents involving bad sportsmanship from the "home" team involving striking opponents with balls, heckling and all the other stuff that is considered non grata.  Plus it seemed the umpires, who were "for" Vacavile were a teensy bit pro home team, to the extent that district poohbahs were constantly being called in to arbitrate. 

At any rate there we were wrapped to the eyeballs in lots of warm stuff cause the wind was blowing and it was freezing, by Vacavile standards, and minding our own business when a kid from the "home" team slid in to home and in the process took out our catcher.  Literally bowled in to him, sent him flying in the air and ultimately to the dirt where he stayed all huddled up for a really long time.  Naturally this was followed by tons of boos and throw the bum out and lots of catcalls from the "visitor" side.  And the announcer was all ladies and gentlemen please behave and throwing vague threats of clearing the stands if we didn't behave and all that kind of drivel.  So then the very next instant, the mother of the sliding criminal came running over to "our" side screaming to everyone that the kid hadn't meant to do it and telling everyone to shut up and was just intensely annoying.  Of course then the hot heads from our side got in to it and the next thing you knew there was a full scale screaming riot going on complete with folks holding possible um probable batterers back and the whole thing culminated with a back parking lot brawl.  wow.  I couldn't believe it and Steve was asking if there was another game tomorrow night and this was worth missing "Dual Survival" for.  I was just stunned. 

So finally everything settled down and "we" were all disgruntled and what not and the next thing that happened was one of "ours" got a base hit and may have dropped his bat a little too enthusiastically before scuttling off to first base and the kid who was on second ran to third and the umpire screeched "No Way!"  and tried to throw the play out because of the tossed bat.  Naturally this caused yet another riot from the "visitors", and the district poobah then had to call Alaska or something to get a ruling from someone really important and that took f.o.r.e.v.e.r. and everyone was freezing and in a really bad mood.  So finally the ruling came back that the ump was out to lunch and biased so the kid got to get to first, but the guy on 2nd didn't get to get to third and the game went on.  And on.  And on.  Did I mention that the "visitors" lost  13-1?  Pretty much a slaughter, and sad and entertaining all at once.  I have to pick Garrett up to go to summer school in a little while and I expect the drive will be pretty quiet.

As promised I went to Carmel Valley for a little R&R.  And it was everything I could have hoped for.  Met up with good friends, drank some good whine, went in to Carmel and the very posh Pebble Beach, rode horses and went to a lot of parties.  This is what I was born to do in case anyone wanted to know.  

I'm now at home once again, and am preparing to make an appearance of some magnitude at a baby shower on Sunday for the pregnant daughter.  I also get to go be a scribe for a friend at a dressage show (read snooze fest) on Saturday, but she'll feed me and she put me up at her estate in Carmel Valley last week so it's the least I can do.  I then  leave for another foray to the land of Emperors and Empresses who will venture to Montana for the destination event of the horsie world.  I'll be there for 10 days so I'll be changing my zip code and rearranging the furniture and all that.    Quite a busy not so little bee aren't I.  The spouse is somewhat torn by all these goings on since on the one hand it means he'll be eating Teriyaki Rice Bowls for the next two weeks, but one the other I'll be bringing in the payola.  One must make sacrifices mustn't one? 

And, dear reader, so ends another chapter in the life, and while you are all grateful it isn't a treatise of huge magnitude, you are also grateful that I've reach the end of my creative whatever.  Besides I can't be late picking up our little All Star so I bid you a fond farewell, with the vague threat of future um offerings.


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