Friday, March 29, 2013

Sullen and disjointed

I was forwarded a classic country ballad this morning via email.   It galvanized me to 1. shower, 2. lose weight, 3. be nicer to my beloved.  One out of three ain't bad.  Thanks Holly, always an inspiration.

Perhaps you all remember from way back when I announced the gifts the afore mentioned beloved received in celebration of the day of his birth?  If not, a refresher.  The middle daughter presented him with tickets to the  San Francisco Falun Buddha Study Association presentation of Shen Yun.  Widely touted as a Chinese acrobatic cum classic ballet performance, we were somewhat excited to see it, thinking (broadly) that surely it would be a Chinese Cirque de Soleil.  Alas not. We attended on March 23.  As the performance progressed it became painfully evident through the artistic dancing experience, and the narrators (both English and Mandarin, but who knew?)  that it was all about how bad the Chinese Gomment is, how detractors from the party line are tortured and beaten blah blah blah and all this and that, like we didn't already know this and that and why had we paid $100 per ticket to rehash the miserable human right violations taking place in the very site where our teevees and tennis shoes are manufactured?  Shocking. Still, being an aficionado of the classics and not so classics, I was able to discern some Irish dancing, thank you Tiana, and Steve was able to pick out the Chinese Air Hostess routine.  So all in all not a total waste of a day.

I went to Texas.  I had a list of things I needed to accomplish while there. My good friend and faithful companion of my youth, Liz, received my list of gotta dos and made them happen.
To whit.  We visited the Texas hill country.  check.  We visited with her family, including the 93 year old Major General daddy who said, "Lou Marden, I remember when you and my daughter signed a peace petition in Shreveport in 1969 and that petition landed on my desk and ..."  well you get it. . check.  We dined continuously.  check  We viewed the site of the Armadillo World Headquarters, though sadly it was torn down years ago and a nice vanilla motel now graces the site. check.  

Since I used all of Steve's air miles to make this sojourn, I was compelled by my beloved to collect a few souvenirs.  This picture says it all.  Jesse James Hat from the Austin Speed Shop. I had to beg some mechanic guy to reopen the Austin Speed Shop store to obtain it and as is evidenced,  worth all the trouble, if only it fit.  The requisite snow globe and a cheesy mermaid angel thing.  As you can see, a huge success.

Aah, but you ask, what for your self darling?  Funny you should ask.  A Mexican wedding dress in navy blue with silver embroidery and an intensely unattractive peasant shirt in vivid burnt orange thank you very much.  

In three weeks and a bit I shall wing my way to New Mexico to be in attendance at the birth of my second grand daughter whose name shall be Grace Louise.  Not that I'll actually be allowed in the birth room, but instead I will be exiled to the common area of the hospital to wait with the soon to be brother.  Perhaps there's a thing or two that I can teach the tyke while we wait.  Oh yes, I think so.  Anyone else need a babysitter?  EZ payment plans available.
Chocolate, it's not just for breakfast anymore!   

Perhaps, too, you'll remember that I spent two weeks in Petaluma whilst the highnesses went off to Hawaii.  How nice.  Well as you know not a ton of exciting stuff happened unless you count the midnight drive through the darkness to gather up a horse for some guy who then shorted me $50 for my inconvenience.  But I digress.  I had a phone conversation the other day with Her Highness .  It went like this.

HH: Yo
Me:  Your phone sounds funny what are you talking on, cans?
HH:  We got a new phone carrier for the house.
Me:  Sounds just terrible
HH:  We're saving 18 million dollars a month over ATT.
Me:  Well worth the money
HH:  We also have a new TV service.
Me:  Groan.  Have you lost all my saved recordings then?
HH:  No, just Pay Per View
Me:  $%^%@#%&()_(*&^%$
HH:  Sorry
Me:  I only rented one movie.  And it was terrible.  You should talk to my child.  I rented many more movies while I was at her house and they didn't whine at all.
HH:  Still sorry
Me: !@#$%^&*(

And now, evidently, I have reached the limits of creativity or something.

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