Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Addendum to 1/8/13 post.

So the cop came last night.  We actually have been burgled (not robbed as there is a difference which cops will tell you about in patient detail).

I had to wait till Steve got home, really late last night to make a phone call as we are modern and don't have a land line and I am afraid of our neighbors.  So I called the cops.  And our "public safety officer" came over about three hours later.  Let me just tell you that it wasn't like CSI or anything.  I fully expected flashing lights, lots of fingerprint dust, guns and interrogation of the sketchy neighbors.  In fact when I mentioned the dogs might jump on our "public safety officer" and would she shoot them, she said she didn't even have a gun.  Another disappointment of epic proportions.  So on the upside the "public safety officer" chastised me for having my social security card in my wallet and then showed us pictures of her miniature dachshunds.  All in all a very civilized encounter with law enforcement at 10:30 at night.  I might add that I'd just turned out the porch light as was preparing to go night night when she showed up. 

As it turns out our Kindles have been stolen as well as my cell phone.  The box that housed the package from ATT was used to haul away our valuable loot.  Strangely, none of the jewelry which was cleverly hidden in a jewelry box was taken.  The tee vees are still here.  Mummy's silver, still here.  You'd like to think if you're going to be burgled, you could at least have  discriminating criminals with  taste and an unerring eye for the valuable.  We got ghetto burglars.  Some how that's just insulting.  PLUS I have to wait till this afternoon to get my replacement phone from FedEx today.  We definitely need to move from this joint and find an address in a tonier area.

I know all (both) of you were worriedly wondering what the outcome of the incident from yesterday yielded.  So now you can rest easy with the knowledge that I did not stroke out and I'm not crazy.  Quit sniggering, it's unattractive.

All the best.

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